Thursday, March 11, 2010

The Peacemaker experiment

My mate Justin came up with a great idea for the Peacemaker series for Mosaic, the first experiment is to fight a small fire - read below to find out.

The first assignment is to take a little step to help bring wholeness in someone else or in you (essentially fight a small fire). A good place to start would be listening closely to those around you or just reflection. Here is some food for thought:

Is there something you have meant to do (for someone or yourself) for a long time but just haven’t carved out the time?

Is there a nagging in your gut about something you have wanted to say or do to make amends or rekindle a friendship?

Is there someone you feel you need to forgive?

Small fires are the little things that cause brokenness in us and our relationships. This is an experiment and so don’t feel the need to participate if you’re really not in the space. Experiments are made for discovery so please share you experience with us. You don’t have to share what you did or but maybe what you discovered along the way about the process or about humanity or God. Happy peace making!

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