Tuesday, March 02, 2010

Slicing your thumb makes you think

I was making breakfast this morning and I managed to slice my thumb pretty bad this morning. This comes from the fact that I am a clutz, particularly in the kitchen, and I was still half a sleep. I basically meant that today I was without a thumb. Now whenever I look at my thumb I think that its a pretty ungly part of my anatomy, and that does not do much in the big spare of things. I don't seem to move it much and it seems pretty much a useless big fat blob on my hand compared to the other beautiful skinny fingers on my hand.

But my experience today has taught me other wise, been basically without a thumb I realised that my right hand had been rendered basically useless when it comes to gripping things, because whenever I use my thumb it hurts with pain. I realise that without my thumb, my life is made alot more diffucult.

It is like this with people as well.  They are often servants, helpers who just get on and do things in the background, and do them naturally. They actually really enjoy doing what they do, don't need praise, but will get on and provide the needed support to get things done. When  we lose them from our lives and our communities we realise it is only then we really realise thier worth.

Who is the thumb in your life/ community etc. Recognise and give them thanks for the work they put in and the support they provide. It will make thier day.

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