Thursday, March 18, 2010

Reflections on Travel

I spend a lot of my life travelling for my job. Every couple of weeks I fly on a plane around new zealand. Usually to the Bay of Plenty. Travelling for me is an interesting experience, my best moments are those in which I get to have an interesting comversation with someone about a subject that interests them.

There are a few stories that stick out to me. One was the day I had a taxi ride to the airport with a iranian taxi driver. The driver talked for the whole time with passion about his home country, his countries history, his pain at the current regime, and his pain at how the western media reports on his country.

Another time I was travelling down to Nelson and I ended up sitting next a seasprite captain, who told me about training sorties and crazy stuff he got up to,

Personally I love hearing stories from the people I meet. I have the joy of sharing stories and getting provided with interesting relationship advice from kuia and kaumatua around the central north island.

One of my favourite moments is at Rotorua Atirport, on a still day, lookimg out at Mokoia Island, it is just beautiful, it often reminds me that God can create beauty from what we think are destructive events (Lake Rotorua is a result of an eruption some thousands of years ago, Mokoia is an expression of cooled magma.)

Take in the moments in life, they can teach you alot. Make time to listen to the person sitting next to you. You have a new experience every time.

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