Wednesday, March 03, 2010


Sometimes we get caught in a rip, and we are dragged out to sea. We deal with the hard hitting waves, and we do not know if we can get back to shore. The reason we got stuck in the rip was we didn't look out and check the the area for rips, or out of plain stupidity. We tried to get out of the rip, but we struggled against it rather than waited for the current to subside or travel the corner.

Stuck in the waves of the open sea, everything can feel helpless.

I have had one of those weeks, I have just felt like I'm being crashed over waves and feel hopeless. Momentum has been hard to acheive in my major projects, and in many areas of life. I have been struggling with momentum with writing this blog, and have felt that the posts I have written this week have been half baked.

In these moments I realise I need to seek clarity, which can be hard when you are choking from the waves, but it is needed. Finding up in these moments can be difficult. Pray as I move forward in to the end of this. Pray for clarity.

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