Friday, March 05, 2010


What is success?

And I mean what is success really? How do we get it, when will it come. Is success important, or is it fleeting?

We are surrounded by stories about success - and these stories define what success is and how we should get it. Success is defined by those who hold have loads of money, get loads of sex or have power that they can  get what they want.

The Dream of success is that it will come, and it can be given anyone can get the dream of working oneself up to the top of the ladder within society, no matter where they have been on the table.

I recently heard one of my mates talk about success, he explained how we often see people who reach success for a moment in time as successful, their candel burns hot for a few minutes, then it burns out, while the type of success we are looking for is closer to slow burning candel.

Success in Gods view is one buit on aligning our story with a bigger story. Realising Gods sovereignty over our life, and submitting to this in the realisation that this is the only way we will find health in the long term. If you read the stories of the characters in the bible, they often seized their moments (Daniel in the Lions Den, Esther, Joseph in egypt) but they also were built on the stories before those moments in time. Daniel gained his role in Babylon becuase he was obedient to God when he did not eat the food from table of the empire. Esther, had been under the mentorship of her uncle Mordacai and his character traits rubbed off on her. David was a slow burner, he sleighed the giant when he was a kid but had to hide out for a long period of time before he would become king of Isreal. Because he aligned his heart with the heart of God for the nation of Isreal, Isreal was successful.

Success in my view isn't wealth or power, but the alignment of our heart with the heart of God. As we align our story with Gods story, we figurte out who we truly are. Our purpose may be to make the difference in the lives of homeless people, ve a social entrepreneur, a stay at home parent, a great uncle, a freind to the freindless.

Success definitely in Gods eye is not based on wealth or power, or the number of women we acquire, but a heart that searches out for what is right and seeks to bring about shalom here and now (bring about the kingdom.)

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