Wednesday, March 17, 2010

expressions on expressions

Today I led Expressions at Mosaic. Expressions time is the time where we express where Mosaic is individually and collectively with God and the world around us.

I have been part of the expressions since its inception, it has been one of the most difficult and rewarding journeys for me as part of Mosaic.

I do not think I am inherently creative, I struggle to turn the ideas in my head into something that can be presented, I will often wrestle with an idea for a whole week, before I start even preparing for expressions, then it takes me a few days to come up with something to present to the group, and I am always nervous that the whole thing is going to bomb. My flat mates must find it funny that I say a week leading out that I'm preparing for expressions, and the night before I am often still wrestling with what I am going to do on the evening (either on paper, or in my head.)
One thing I have learned from expressions is that you never, ever no what you are going to get. I may think through a conceprt and get a totally different reaction that I expected. I get crying, i get depression, I get hope, I get left feild ideas that I never expected when I came up with the idea. Its part of the excitement of leading expression. 

I also beleive that expressions has to be inherently participatory, I am a great holder on to that idea. I hold it as a fundamental principle. I have seen numerous great ideas fail in expressions (including my own), because people don't create a moment for people to interact. It is essential concept, and invites people in to express what is going on in thier lives, and the life of the community. I will stop, listen, and create moments so that people can express, and I am learning to do that conciously. I beleive in the concept of listening first, before talking.

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Awaken said...

That's a great concept "listening first, before tAlking". I'm still trying to nail that one down myself but really appreciate you incorporating it into what you do.