Saturday, March 27, 2010

some views from a conversation on money

Today I had an interesting conversation with a flat mate, it was interesting how quickly both of us took positions on the subject, the subject was money and the use of money by the flat. I got defensive and went about taking a position, which I wanted to argue was right no matter what.

I realised after this conversation, how big an issue we can make the issue of money in our lives, I think most of the time I have a healthy view of the subject, but I realised from the conversation, that my view still needs work and needs to change.

Money is a taboo in our culture, we don't talk about it openly. It is interesting whenever I hear a subject on finances from anyone, I often get agitated, and defensive. We are often individualistic about money, viewing it as "ours" to be used for our own pleasure.

Living in a flat or community, you come onto the conundrum - how do you view the resource as needing to be used for the benefit of the community, how do you use it, and how are you a good steward of that money?

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