Saturday, March 20, 2010

Growing the muscle of hospitality

Area 51 (my flat) hosted a 21st party last night for my flatmates freinds boyfriend. It was a real interesting night and a real interesting crowd from a whole lot of different backgrounds. Nate-dawg (the guy I was talking about last week) was invited and came along and many other people with no christian background came along.

On wenesday night, we were talking about peacemaking, and the need to be in proximity with people if we are going to be peacemaker. We are going to have to relate to those who are seen as outcast, or unrespectable in our culture.

For me the first step is opening up my flat to those around me, and being hospitable,  to develop the muscle of sharing the place that I live with others and to share my life with others.

I really enjoy hosting a cool party, and it was good to provide the place, to serve in ways when I could to help provide an inviting environment to those who were there.

Hospitality is a key value of Christianity, Christians became well known for sharing their lives with the lost and lonely, and it was a key reason for the growth of the early church. As a christian, I want to continue to give my time and effort to share with those who come across my path, to break out of the moulds, and share life in real ways with people no matter thier background.

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