Tuesday, March 16, 2010

The Nothing

When I was a kid, one of my favourite movies was  The Neverending Story which is based around the tale of a boy. The main premise of the story is that the world of fantasia is been destroyed by a mysterious force, the nothing. Early on in the story, a rockeater describes the fact that rocks don't taste like anything anymore and that they have lost thier flavour.

In the story the nothing represents our apathy, lack of imagination and dispair at the present order. Bastian, the human reading the story must save the world of fantasia by using his imagination to restore it back to former glory.

In my journey, I have often fallen into the the trance of the nothing, not pushing for apathy, and looking to create something new, something fresh. Or like at the moment, I am use the excuse of busyness to stop me from taking time out to think, to dream and create.

We are called to be part of kingdom building, because Jesus called us to be creative, people who pushed the boundaries.

We are often blinded by our fear that if we break the mould, we will look different from those around us. Or that if we fail we will fail badly and it will be unreperapable. But I beleive that if we honestly try out of a good heart, with a good Idea, that Gods grace will be there to pick us up. By trying, we will be stronger, growing in character as we do.

The call of Jesus is to be radical, to create, to imagine, to dream and show humanity redemption and bring redemption to all creation.

Dont fall into the trance of the nothing, be part of building Gods kingdom.

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