Wednesday, March 10, 2010

On the bus seeing injustice

I caught the bus home today. I was getting on to the bus today and there was a guy in front of me, fully tatooed and not really all there. He got up to give money to the bus driver, the bus driver said, no I can smell glue on you, no you are not getting on my bus. I will call the cops.

For me this was a shocking experience, I know the guy in front of me was totally out of it, but the way the bus driver treated the guy I felt a druming sense that this was wrong.

Ok get me logic, I know what your thinking here, but he's been sniffing glue, well yeah the guy wasn't well, and he is doing something hurtful to his body. But it doesn't seem that different to me than a person getting on the bus late at night, fully out of it on alcohol.  I felt like the man was treated like he wasn't human by that bus driver, and likely creating further brokenness in his life.

I wish I said something, or at least provided me disproval to the bus driver by taking the next bus to show solidarity to my fellow human, no matter how broken the person.

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Awaken said...

Have you considered writing Go Wellington and expressing your feelings about the experience? I think you have a good point to make.