Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Congratulations Obama!

I have watched with fear over the last few months the debate on Obama's healthcare bill. I feared that obama would go down in history with both Clinton and Jimmy Carter as pretty ineffectual presidents, who promised much, but did not deliver.

I am glad for the people of America that they now have a public healthcare, it may be modest, but it is a much better than having nothing.

To be honest, most western democracies have watched in confusion at the fact that the U.S.A was confused over a public healthcare option. Most western democracies have public healthcare, provided by the state. Sure it may not be perfect, but I am happy that people will receive the help they need at the time they are most vulnerable. To be honest, this is 15 years too late, and its a shame that Clinton never got through his healthcare bill.

Obama has been couragious in passing this bill, especially in a time of fiscal hardship and deficits and for the fact that it has damaged his political approval ratings so much.. It is much needed. It will be interesting to see what will come next from Obama's presidency.

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