Saturday, March 06, 2010


"This is Russian Radio, calling you back home" - Anberlin, Cold War Transmissions

One of my most frustratig experiences when I was a kid was trying to listen to music through static, or searching through static. Static is always hard, it always makes it difficult to focus and to listen.

Often this is the feeling I have in my spiritual journey. I am trying to move the dial of the radio so that I can find the transmission, whether it is trying to listen out to the heart of God through the hundreds of messages provided to me by the world, the good and the bad, to figure out what is right and good and true.

Static has been haunting me today, as I write this post, I am searching for inspiration, searching for the point on the dial of the radio that will give me direction, but I find static, or small talk about some stars love life, but where are the things that really matter?

What is the static in your life, what messages are keeping you from hearing truth and what really matters?


justin "the balding" said...

appreciate the post man, keep it up. i feel you with all this static, sometimes i think i will be consumed in the noise

Nathanael Baker said...

Thanks J for your comment.